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11 Jun
Assessment & intervention, Diversity

This workshop will cover a range of complex factors workers must consider when engaging with ‘at risk’ clients from refugee backgrounds. Recognising...

25 Jun
Diversity, Trauma informed care

Refugee and asylum seeking experiences tear at the social fabric tying people together. This workshop will explore some of the potential far-reaching...

08 Jul
Diversity, Families & carers

This workshop will assist participants to respond to the needs of all family members when a loved one is transitioning gender. When a family member...

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This free, self-paced learning module introduces key concepts in culturally responsive mental health practice.

The module provides information to...


This free, self-paced learning module supports mental health practitioners to consider cultural aspects of mental health and wellbeing when...


Designed to promote, support and enhance mental health practitioners' work with interpreters, across a range of mental health settings.
Divided into...

Related resources

LGBTIQA+ Policy Guide 2020

Diversity | 2020

The Equality Project developed the Australian LGBTIQA+ Policy Guide to ensure that lesbian, gay, bi+, trans, gender diverse, non-binary, intersex, queer, asexual and aromantic (ace and aro) people and their families experience genuine inclusion and the realisation of their human rights in Australia.

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Integrated Trauma Recovery Service Model

Diversity | Trauma informed care | 2016

This document describes the specialist work done by the Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture (VFST, known as Foundation House). It describes the integrated nature of their approach to working with and for survivors of torture and other traumatic events who come from refugee backgrounds.

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VTMH Resources for mental health practitioners working with interpreters

Diversity | 2019

Victorian Transcultural Mental Health (VTMH) launched a new suite of resources to support mental health practitioners working with interpreters in October 2019. Resources include a poster, a booklet and the project report.

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Cultural Competence in Australia: A Guide

Diversity | 2019

This FECCA report explores the importance and benefits of developing culturally and linguistically diverse workforces and its link with organisational cultural competence, markers of organisational cultural competence and cultural competence training.

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