Are you wanting to learn more about the Hearing Voices Approach and setup a Hearing Voices Group?
This interactive 4-day training is for people wanting to start and/or (co-) facilitate a Hearing Voices Support Group. The first two days will
cover an in-depth understanding of the Hearing Voices Approach and the second half of the training will cover Voice Profiling & the setup
tools & strategies for getting a hearing voices support group started.

This event will cover:

  • Identifying ‘distinct’ voices
  • Linking the voices to the individual’s life history
  • Searching for patterns and meaning of the voices
  • Breaking down the experience into manageable parts
  • A framework to utilise that underpins group work
  • Exploring practical tips, guidelines and processes related to the development and sustainability of Hearing Voices Groups


  • Fiona Nguyen (Peer Support Facilitator) — Voices Vic, Uniting
  • Janet Karangounis (Group Network Co-ordinator) — Voices Vic, Uniting
  • Ben Hillard (Peer Support Worker) — Voices Vic, Uniting

Categories: Consumer perspective, Recovery & supported decision making, Educator and trainer resources
Disciplines: Allied Health, Lived Experience Workforce, Medical, Nursing
Levels: Intermediate
Lifespans: Child, Adolescent, Youth, Adult, Older Persons

Tuesday 11 August 2020
09:30 to 15:00
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Wednesday 12 August 2020
09:30 to 15:00
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Tuesday 18 August 2020
21:30 to 15:00
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Wednesday 19 August 2020
09:30 to 15:30
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Microsoft Teams

Specific location and venue confirmed by provider upon registration.

Early Bird $760 (Ends July 10th)
Concession/Student $635
Full Fare $825

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