The Centre for Mental Health Learning (CMHL) is the central agency for public mental health workforce development in Victoria.

Our vision is to be the centrepiece for mental health learning in Victoria; leading and driving innovation that strengthens and sustains a flexible, curious, knowledgeable and recovery-focused workforce.

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02 Jun
The Commission has collected witness statements from consumers, families and carers and a range of other individuals who were due to give evidence at...
26 May
The Victorian Mental Health Interprofessional Leadership Network (the Network) now sits under the governance of the CMHL. The Network was a program...
19 May
Occupational Therapy Australia is pleased to invite you to participate in the 2020 Mental Health Forum on Monday 16 November in Melbourne. The forum...

Recently added resources

LGBTIQA+ Policy Guide 2020

Diversity | 2020

The Equality Project developed the Australian LGBTIQA+ Policy Guide to ensure that lesbian, gay, bi+, trans, gender diverse, non-binary, intersex, queer, asexual and aromantic (ace and aro) people and their families experience genuine inclusion and the realisation of their human rights in Australia.

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A Brief Guide To Using Telehealth from MindSpot

Workplace wellbeing & practice support | 2020

This guide is designed to support mental health professionals (practitioners) to learn to safely and effectively use telephone and video technology (telehealth) to deliver mental health services. MindSpot is funded by the Australian Government.

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Pandemic Kindness Movement

Workplace wellbeing & practice support | 2020

The Pandemic Kindness Movement was created by clinicians across Australia, working together to support all health workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. They have curated respected, evidence-informed resources and links to valuable services to support the wellbeing of the health workforce.

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Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System Interim Report

MH policy, systems & legislation | 2019

The Royal Commission interim report contains a number of priority recommendations that address immediate needs and lay the foundations for a new approach to mental health. This is the first of two major reports by the Commission and represents a stocktake of what the Commission has learned so far.

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